Article 1- Your Workspace

April 7, 2006

Garbage in the workroom

One of the main things that I have noticed (as a designer) is that I cannot work efficiently if I have garbage among my work room, things such as: coke cans, tissues, plates, cups..etc… Can really give your workspace a very anti professional look. As a designer of standards, it’s important that your room is tidy, and clean. If the floor is full of breadcrumbs, or stained with milk or whatever else might occupy the floor, get a mop and clean it. Sub consciously if you know you have a dirty floor or room full of garbage your layouts and designs have a good chance of being made sloppy or not as good as it could be.

Why should I do this?

You might ask. Either way no one will see your workspace unless they come over, and by the time they get here, ill have my room clean. Well this is very un-professional; an un-organized room says a lot about your character and work ethics. How can you create a clean, sleek, professional website when your room is full of garbage and debris. Make it a habit to have a trash bin near by, so when your done with your Capri-sun drink or coke or whatever it is that you are consuming so that way you can always maintain a clean office or design room. Not only will this help you maintain organization, but it will also help you practice for a possible future in an office atmosphere, most office mates wont appreciate your littering, and if everyone pitches in your office will be very neat and welcoming to your clients.

Well it actually has a lot to do with it, you see if you work in a room that is messy. You inside know its messy, and it will have a good chance of bothering you and if it doesn’t then I’m sure the way you organize your professional life as a web designer or whatever it is that you do is messy as well. For example in a clean room (I speak for myself) I feel clean, organized and peaceful, as I am getting ready to start coding or writing. But when my room is a mess I feel uncomfortable working there because I feel the disorder.


2 Responses to “Article 1- Your Workspace”

  1. Tierna said

    Brilliant blog here, really hitting the nail on the head. I’ve just started my degree in Design & Visual Communication and I notice clutter so much more since I started it. Thanks for this- really helpful!

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