Articles of oragnization

March 30, 2006

Olleh fellow reader,

After much thought and consideration (and thinking of what to write about) I will begin a series of articles explaining how to have a basic design friendly environment. They will explain some things you can do (without paying money) in the room in which you design in; could be your room, living room, office room, any room…possibly the bathroom. I will share some things that have helped me and other fellow designer to be able to organize their workspace so that you may be able to clearly project what you want while you are working on websites. I will not only share things you can do for your design environment but also the desktop and documents on your computer and your browser settings and etc. This is a both environmental (as in “outside of your computer screen”) and internal (as in your computer desktop and documents) series of articles with a goal to make your design experience more professional. The 1st article will be released within the next week and it will include a lot of great info, links to great sites, and POSSIBLY software (100% C9 approved). For the few readers that read this… which I believe, are very few, please try to share the news with everyone, I would really like some more traffic on my site.


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